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This page lists all events from chronological order based on information presented in the series Pose. Be sure to properly source any added material.
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The page details all the events that occurred during the 1980s.






  • Damon Richards attends a class at a dance school in Allentown. Taking a bus near his neighborhood and walking the distance back home, he retreats to his room, plays a cassette tape in his boombox, and danced in his room to loud music.[5]
  • Lawrence Richards returns home upset, shutting off the music and confronting his son about local rumors of Damon attending dance classes, against his wishes, alongside the discovery of gay magazines from underneath his bed. After his son's confession of his homosexuality, he repeatedly beats him before being plied apart by Mrs. Richards and disowning him.[5]
  • Outside the house, Mrs. Richards pushed her son to renounce his homosexuality as sin. When he remained silent, she tossed his belongings to him and disowned him as well.[5]
  • Blanca Rodriguez-Abundance learned of her HIV-status, in which she was informed she is positive. Afterwards, she visits Pray Tell, relieved on knowing her status but not desiring an early death from the Virus.[5]


  • Blanca Evangelista brought her children to select and bring home their own Christmas tree to set up and decorate in their home. She also establishes a new holiday tradition in which Damon, Papi, and Angel would pass along a note to House Mother that listed any affordable present they desired under the tree.[6]
  • Ricky attends a ball alongside his boyfriend Damon, who persuades him to walk the category before joining a house. Down to the floor with shades, he presents with his fur coat for the category, being given praise and applause and compliments from the audience. He scores second, rewarded first runner-up by the judges.[6]
  • Ricky and Damon celebrate his victory with Mother Blanca at a dinner.[6]
  • During her class, Helena St. Rogers was pulled away from her students for a phone call from Roosevelt Hospital. She learned that her former student Tony had passed away shortly.[6]




  • November 8, 1988; George H. W. Bush is elected as president of the United States.[citation needed]



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