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Abundance Apartment is the studio apartment previously used exclusively for Elektra Abundance and the Children of Abundance.


Ball Preparations

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Reveal and Moving On

The following night after the Ball, Cubby and Lemar Abundance practiced their walks to music, while Lulu and Candy Abundance played card games, conversing over returning their royal cloths and having the charges of theft dropped. Meanwhile, Elektra pressured her daughter Blanca to speak on her recent rental of an apartment behind her back. When she does not speak, Elektra announced it to her children, pushing Blanca to express that she wished to leave from House Abundance and establish her own house, seeking for her mother's blessings. The two soon argued, Elektra sweeping a table filled with her comestic possessions as she insulted Blanca and expressed that she owes her for the norishment and development.

Before leaving, Blanca turned to her siblings for anyone willing to join her, Angel hesistant to leave with her despite Cubby and Lemar holding her back.[1]

Fall of House Abundance

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