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Access is the second episode of Season One and the overall second episode of the series Pose. It premiered on June 10, 2018, on FX.


Blanca is denied access to a popular bar, leading to a purposeful feud. Meanwhile, inexperienced Damon learns the truth about love and sex when he is asked on a date.


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Overseeing the balls once more, Pray Tell and the judges witness a walker, Angel Evangelista, perform for the Weatherman category. Being the only contender, she wins grand prize for the category. While Mother Blanca and Lil Papi cheer her in the crowd, Elektra and her house chatter amongst themselves, laughing at the newer house. Blanca asks Papi to bring Damon to the hall for a meeting.

Blanca converses with Damon and Lil Papi while preparing to walk the legendary category.

As she shifts through various outfits on a rack within the stairwell, Damon cautions his mother to walk. Blanca comments that the atmosphere is changed that night, the audience open to shed light on fresh faces; she adds that she knows when there will be pain awaiting her, having lived it most of her life before requesting aid in redressing. Meanwhile, with the floor cleared of faux snow, Pray Tell changes to a legendary femme queen category, Elektra walking the floor alone. As he count down for other possible contendors, he is informed by Papi of a newer one entering the room. Pray announces to the room of her identity; strutting into the room in a brightly-colored pink dress, Mother Blanca shines in the spotlights, the crowds growing in excitement. The two women attempt to outperform the other, each side of the ballroom cheering them on and showering them in praises.

Soon the emcee calls for silence, announcing that the judges would be scoring Elektra first, being the previous grand prize winner. Though the scores each came out as 10s, one judge gives her a 9, causing the distraught performer to call for an explanation and being insulted for her outfit. Next, the judges scored Blanca, each one giving her a perfect 10 and granting her grand prize. Shocked, Blanca grabs her trophy, gathering with her children to share in their collective celebratory cheering with the crowds.

Sitting in the stairwell, she converses with Damon before being approached by an antagonistic Elektra Abundance, who carts her winnings for the night in a wagon. She berates her former child on the two grand prize victories, challenging that her new house is still in need of work to be at her level. Blanca rebuffs the attacks, going onward to share that she only plans to work to her level and beyond, planning to conclude the rest of the night at the International House of Pancakes, leaving Elektra to leave them.

Damon shares a flirtatous exchange of words with a cute boy named Ricky.

Stepping away with her grand prize trophy herself, Damon is approached by a young boy that introduces himself as Ricky. The two boys conversed with one another, swapping compliments and flirtations before Ricky asks to go on a date with Damon. As he went to collect his belongings, Blanca questions her child on what transpired before her; informed of the pending date, she sets Damon to be home by 3 o'clock and to stay out of trouble.

The two boys strolled through the Pier, enjoying a mutual conversation on their interests, in particular Janet Jackson and her solo career. Ricky, then, brings Damon to a warehouse nearby, where he professes being deeply in love with him, sharing intimate kisses and telling him that he sees his infatuation soaring in his own career path, forgetting about him in his development. Before they lose themselves in their kissing, Damon shares that he was not ready to move fast, Ricky deciding to plan a date for the following Saturday. The two separate for the night.

Damon tiptoes into the apartment, the door and floor creaking loudly as he shifted. Hearing Mother Blanca call out to him, he impulsively answers her call, causing him to meet with her in the den. Admitting that he has not been drinking or using drugs, he shares with Blanca that he and Ricky shared a kiss but did not go further despite the attempts, as to why he was late. When asked if his father had the sex talk with him, Damon answered that his father educated him on heterosexual sex ed, unsure how the information would pertain to him as a gay boy. Mother Blanca provides him with a condom for a future encounter, though Damon was unsure in needing it. She also educated him on sex, adding a warning of catching a virus should he ris sexual intercourse without protection. Leaving to rest for the night, Blanca lights a cigarette and smokes alone in her robe.

Blanca meet Lulu at a gay men’s bar.  She wants to recruit Lulu as her lieutenant, citing the fact that Lulu hates Elektra too.  She does but she also likes winning.  The bartender is willing to serve them one drink but after that they have to leave.  Blanca does not accept that and asks to speak to a manager.  The manager talks to the ladies outside and explains to them that they only serve a certain clientele at his bar, gay and frankly white men.  Blanca still isn’t having it and Lulu tells her to let it go and the two leave.


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  • First appearance of Ricky.


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