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Acting Up is the first episode of Season Two and the ninth overall episode of the series Pose. It premiered on June 11, 2019, on FX.


Blanca encourages the House of Evangelista to follow their dreams despite putting her own on the backburner. Meanwhile, Pray Tell joins an activist organization fighting for the rights of HIV-positive people.


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Winter 1990; Pray Tell, accompanied by Blanca Evangelista, traveled to Hart's Island. Arriving to the supervisor's office and signing in, they explained that they wished to visit the grave of Pray's former romantic partner Keenan Howard. The supervisor directing them to a potter's field for the deceased victims of AIDS; the two walked to the grave site, watching as men in hazmat suits carried numerically-marked wooden crates into a collective pile. Pray informed Blanca that after his separation from Keenan, he learned that he had contracted pnuemonia and had made attempts to contact him; unsuccessful as time passed, Keenan's body was discovered months later after his passing, a smell from his apartment leaking and his corpse sticking to the mattress he rested. The two walked to a hill nearby filled with marked stones from loved ones who had deceased family and friends on the island, Pray placing down his own stone for Keenan and saying a prayer.

Months passing, Blanca sits patiently until Judy calls for her into the other room. During the assessment, Judy informs her that her T-Cell count has lowered significantly, advancing the virus' progression into AIDS. Though Blanca takes the revelation harshly, Judy motivates her to continue to live, providing her a prescription of AZT to aid in slowing the progression enough, much to Blanca's initial worries.


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