Angel is a former member of House Abundance, a member of House Evangelista and a working prostitute who falls in love with Stan, a client of hers.


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Early Life

Angel, assigned male at birth, lived with a mother and father. A day in her childhood, she stole a red leather pump shoe and attempted to cart it home. Upon returning, she attempted to sneak the shoe into her room but dropped from her coat. Though Angel begged her parents to keep it, she received a slap from her father; her relationship with her parents ultimately changed since the incident before she ran away.[1]

Royal House of Abundance

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Christmas Promise

Angel was brought to a leased, furnished apartment by Stan Bowes. Becoming intimate, she requested that on Christmas Day that he visited her, even if it was to only last for an hour.[1]


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In Her Honor

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Snarky, occasionally immature, and fittingly prone to drama, Angel seeks validation and love. She hopes to survive and succeed in a world that repeatedly discards her.



  • Stan Bowes: Angel engaged with Stan one evening upon watching as he circled the block. Though the two become open with one another and share a kiss, she develops an attraction to him.


  • Blanca Rodriguez: She and Angel appear to have been friends for years, both being former members of House Abundance together. Blanca harbours maternal and loving feelings towards her.
  • Damon Richards:
  • Lil Papi: A classic sibling-like relationship, they bicker and antagonise each other but love each other in the end. She treats him like he’s low-class, but compared to her she probably thinks most are.
  • Ricky:
  • Candy:



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