Aphrodite Ferocity

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Aphrodite Ferocity is a faring competitor in the balls who defects from House Xtravaganza into the House of Ferocity.



Having obtained sex-reassignment surgery, Aphrodite attends the Ball, walking alongside the competing Elektra Abundance. Winning grand prize, she is treated by the runner-up to a meal; the women spoke about their experiences, Aphrodite expressing that she was inspired by Elektra to join in the balls and to fully transition into a woman.[1]

House Ferocity

She attends the Princess Ball.[2]


  • Elektra Abundance: Elektra yields mutual respect for Aphrodite, as both women sought to become fully transitioned women in the ballroom scene. Sharing a meal together, Elektra was further motivated to seek her sex change surgery. Despite becoming a member of House Ferocity, she continues to seek no form of malice towards her and willingly shares her accomplishments alongside her in femme queen categories.


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