Blanca Evangelista (née Rodriguez) is a former member of House Abundance who, after being diagnosed with HIV, decides to take fate into her own hands and form House Evangelista, a self-selected family that provides safety and support to youth rejected by their birth family.


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Early Life

Designated a male at birth, Blanca, born Mateo, lived with her family. Often, while her parents slept, she dressed traditionally feminine and attended the Balls, returning home before they awakened. During one Thanksgiving, however, her mother presented with a smirk, ultimately confessing that she had witnessed a girl sneaking in and out of the bedroom every so often. Blanca confessed to her that the girl was her, coming out as transgender. Her mother disapproved, forcing Blanca from the house during her late teens.[1]

Eventually, she attended a Ball, working up the courage to attempt a walk on her own. Despite negative criticisms towards her, she pressed against the emcee. Afterwards, Blanca had a smoke, where a group of women insulted her appearance. Though she tried to push them down, she soon threatened to fight, prompting Elektra Abundance to step in and defend her.[2]


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Defection from House Abundance

Despite Elektra Abundance having taken her in and apparently raised her, Blanca was the constant receiver of her mocking and ridicule, especially on her supposed inability to pass or lead. After learning of her being HIV positive, Blanca found an apartment out of which she could run her own house in the hopes of leaving a legacy after her death. Elektra found out and confronted her, saying she would never give her blessing and effectively banishing her from House Abundance.[1]

Funeral and After Gatherings

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In Her Memory

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Child of Ferocity

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  • Alma:
  • Mother: At a young age, Blanca had a stable and loving relationship with her mother. Though young and starting out, Blanca tried to seek balls without her knowledge, unknown to her that her mother had been keeping this secret, though made the assumption it was her girlfriend. After being forward about her gender identity, Blanca's mother rejected her. However, Blanca would later learn, through her sister, that her mother still held love for her despite not knowing how to acknowledge or understand the transgenderism.
  • Carmen Rodriguez:
  • Manuel Rodriguez: Blanca does not hold a loving relationship with her brother; alongside other members of the family, Manuel perceives Blanca's transgenderism as a facade and holds the belief that she is a homosexual male molester.


  • Darius: Though he attempted to engage into a relationship with her, Blanca quickly learned that he had previously woo'd other women and had sexual relations with each through flirtations. She ultimately rejected his advances further, citing that she wished to seek true romance rather than relations with a playboy.





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