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I think it's a great way to live, to fight for yourself, to fight for your friends, to fight for a community of individuals who are sharing your experience and to fight for dignity and a better life, and there will be a tipping point.
There will be victories and they will be joyous.
Peter Staley

Blow is the seventh episode of Season Two and the fifteenth overall episode of the series Pose. It is set to air on July 30, 2019, on FX.


The House of Evangelista plan a large prank to antagonize Frederica. Meanwhile, Angel is introduced to the unsavory side of modeling.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Trudie Styler as Miss Ford
  • Patti LuPone as Frederica Norman
  • Bettina Bilger as Marcia
  • Anjelica Bosboom as Hostess
  • Kaylin Lee Clinton as Felicia
  • Danielle Cooper as Wanda
  • Alexander DiPersia as Andre Taglioni
  • Lynn Kim Do as VIP Room Model
  • Anissa Felix as Reporter
  • Jim Forsha as Older VIP Gentleman
  • Annie Gaarder as Maria
  • Kym Gomes as Latisha
  • Rachel Lin as Female Assistant
  • Giorgio Panetta as Mario
  • Eliza Ramos as Nail Customer
  • Margaret Reed as Neighbor #1
  • Adeola Role as Nurse Erica
  • Rose Marie Bryan as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Michael DeBarge as Dancer (uncredited)
  • Ken Holmes as Costumer (uncredited)
  • Jarrett Winters Morley as Nell's Club Patron (uncredited)



  • The ACT UP protest in which activists covered a house with an inflatible condom was an actual protest in September 1991 where Peter Staley and others covered the house of politician Jesse Helms.[1][2][3][4]


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