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Boy Lounge is an exclusive gay bar based in New York City.


After winning the house's first trophy against House Abundance, Blanca met with Lulu Abundance at Boy Lounge to have celebratory drinks. Despite being informed that the bar only ran to serve cisgender homosexuals, Blanca constantly pushed for her to stay. The two conversed about adopting Lulu into House Evangelista as the second in-command, Blanca citing that she despised Elektra the same. Rejecting the offer, the women are prompted to speak with the bar manager outside the building. He explained that the establishment did not serve women and that their clients were unnerved by their presence; the manager offered to provide them services elsewhere, much to Blanca's displeasure. Eventually, Blanca and Lulu separated for the evening.

The following night, Blanca returned to Boy Lounge, requesting a Manhattan. Rather than being served, again, she is lifted by a bouncer and tossed onto the sidewalk; upon the next evening, she returned, sitting at the counter as her eyes browsed the room. Noticing a black man, she attempted to find support in her cause, only to be informed that the men of the bar did not want her in the establishment. Eventually, Officer Downey arrived at the scene from a placed phone call. Despite Blanca defending her presence in the bar, the policeman arrested her for disturbing the peace, bringing about collective cheers and applause from the patrons.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • The filming location for Boy Lounge took place at Julius, the oldest standing gay bar in New York City.


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