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Christopher is a medical doctor and the romantic love interest to Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista.


Early Life

Christopher was born into an affluent family, raised by two loving parents. Growing up, he aspired to enter the field of health and medicine, much like his father, attending university, and receiving a Ph.D. His education has taken him into working at the Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, where he met Blanca Rodriguez, the two quickly sparking a romantic and sexual relationship with one another.[1]

Flourishing Romance

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  • Blanca Evangelista: Blanca and Christopher met while she was working at the hospital, and their relationship is grounded on a mutual respect and attraction for one another. Their relationship became rocky when Blanca apprehensively met Christopher's parents who were disapproving of Blanca's more humble beginnings and transsexuality, but they reconciled soon after. Christopher shows his full devotion to Blanca by helping her, Ricky, and Papi dispose of Elektra's trunk after Christopher noted how it smelled like a corpse, and they were still together after Blanca's nursing school graduation and the beginning of her job at St. Vincent's.