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Costas Perez was a sickly patient at Roosevelt Hospital and the boyfriend to Pray Tell.


Winter Visit

Costas was visited by Pray Tell in the hospital, delivered his lunch tray. Though his partner expressed disappointment in the treatment, Costas was unbothered and repeatedly say he did not feel hungry. The two momentarily bonded over his last Christmas, embraced against one another.[2]

Lasting Moments

Costas was repeatedly visited by his boyfriend Pray Tell throughout the week. His health continued to deteriorate, the pneumonia worsening while he was monitored and cared for by nurse Judy Kubrak. During one visit, Costas and other AIDS patients were transported to a spacious area of Roosevelt Hospital for a cabaret. He sat silent, listening to his boyfriend and Blanca Evangelista sing two songs for them.

Night falls, the couple sit in bed watching a show on television when Costas asked to speak with Pray Tell. After the television was shut off, he expressed that he was going to die soon; pushing through rejection for him to speak about his condition, Costas requested that when he passed that Pray wept all his tears over them before continuing the remainder of his life happy and seeking love again. He added that he knows that Pray may also have the virus from the expression he held on his face, watching as he sees himself in Perez's position. The two eventually cuddle in bed, Pray wailing heavily in his arms.

Judy phones Pray Tell hours after his visit, informing him that Costas Perez had passed away and that he needed to be at the hospital before he is turned over to the doctors. Pray had his lover's body cremated, his ashes scattered across the streets of New York City.[1]



  • Pray Tell: In his final hour of his life, Pray promised Perez that he would pour out all his grief for his boyfriend before pursuing the remainder of his life searching for new love and being happy in his memory. Having his body cremated, Pray planned to have Perez's ashes placed around the city, as he had enjoyed window shopping.