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Cubby Wintour is a former member of the Houses' Abundance, Ferocity, and Evangelista and a former member of House Wintour.


Early Life

Cubby lived on the streets of New York City before he encountered Lemar and Angel Vasquez. The trio settled in the parks, rotating on protecting the group's property. In 1983, they met Elektra Abundance, whom offered a space for them to live in her house.[1]

House of Abundance

Cubby was adopted by Elektra Abundance and became siblings alongside Lemar, Lulu, and Candy. He frequently tailored to Elektra's needs and practices for the balls with the women. When it became established that his mother would be unable to provide financial stability, he defected from the house.[2]

House of Ferocity

Co-mothered by Lulu and Candy, Cubby was requested to join House Ferocity. He and Lemar shared their space with Veronica, Florida, and Aphrodite, as well as former member of House Evangelista Lil Papi. During an altercation with Papi and the co-Mothers and a read from Elektra Evangelista, Cubby and Lemar chose to leave the House of Ferocity for the House of Evangelista, upon their former Mother's heed.[2]

House of Evangelista

Under the roof of Blanca Evangelista, Cubby shared his space with the boys and thrived despite the living conditions. In 1990, he and Lemar remained a member of the House of Evangelista after Elektra Evangelista's abrupt departure.[3][4]

Cubby, with the return of Ricky Evangelista from his tour with Al B! Sure, grouped with the boys to a nearby bar, where he drank and shared a public performance of their voguing.[5]

House of Wintour

While present at the ball as his House's festive at a storytelling category, he was starstruck by the arrival of Elektra Wintour and her newest Wintour House. Alongside Lemar, he abandoned his place in Evangelista for Elektra's new house and returned as her standby errand boy, helping in carrying and organizing her closet in the Wintour Residence. Cubby also walked with his siblings in the few categories they were brought into at the balls.[5]

He joined the Emcee Council in preparing for a new category to show respect to the women of ballroom, in which they struted in drag. During the Mother's Day Ball, Cubby performed in the butch queen drag, being judged by many of the ladies who scored him fairly.[6]


After the disbandment of Elektra's House, Cubby sought to join Lemar's newly established House of former Wintour members and newcomers but was rejected by Lemar due to his lack of skills for the categories. Left on his own, he contracted HIV, soon left hospitalized at Roosevelt Hospital, being cared and sought over by Blanca Evangelista and visited by other loved ones. Much to his displeasure, he was also visited by his birth mother, whom he believed still hated him for his sexuality.

In his final moments, he remained surrounded by all but Lemar, who watched as he passed away from AIDS complications.[7]


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  • Mother: Upon revealing his sexuality to his mother, Cubby is initially rejected out of ignornace and becomes estranged from his birth mother; the estrangment left him persisting avoiding her presence, though Blanca ensures she came with love.


  • Elektra Abundance: Cubby harbors a strong, familial relationship with Elektra, often fawning for her attention and affection and willing to serve her as though she was royalty.
  • Lemar: Cubby shares a mutual friendship with Lemar since their upbringing in House Abundance. The two are often inseparable, similarly to their sisters from Abundance Lulu and Candy.
  • Blanca Evangelista: