Elektra Evangelista (formerly Abundance) is the former shrewd mother of House Abundance, where she was the reigning queen of the ballroom community, and is now a member of House Evangelista.


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Early Life

Mothering Blanca

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Christmas Heist

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  • Dick Ford: During her starting days into her transitioning period, Elektra met and fell in love with a luxury man that found her sexually appealing and provided financial support in his physical absence in New York City. However, their relationship faltered upon her progression to obtain a sex change operation that he had disproved of prior. She is quickly rejected from his life and forced to seek other methods of finanical stability.


  • Dr. Gottfried:
  • Blanca Rodriguez: After witnessing Blanca's early performance at the Ball and Blanca's attempts to stand tall from other trans women outside the Hall, Elektra comes to her aide and, later, provided her a meal. She quickly adopted her, taking her into the House of Abundance and gifting her with tough nurturment, talents for ball competitions and fashion wear. Growing older, however, Elektra disproved of her child's defiance and deviant behavior, pressuring that she owed her for the time put into her development and that she could not challenge her or build her house in the same or similar fashion. Despite this, the two women continue to have a loving, if not antagonistic, mother-daughter relationship with one another.
  • Angel:
  • Pray Tell:
  • Aphrodite Xtravaganza: Elektra yields mutual respect for Aphrodite, as both women sought to become fully transitioned women in the ballroom scene. Sharing a meal together, Elektra was further motivated to seek her sex change surgery. Despite becoming a member of House Ferocity, she continues to seek no form of malice towards her and willingly shares her accomplishments alongside her in femme queen categories.




Look at the fruits of my labor: a foolhardy chunk who makes her living on the pole and a brainless wonder who thinks the way to get curves is to stick Charmin in her drawers or to inject cement into her derriere. House of Ferocity? You two are about as fierce as my morning corn flakes. You may have left my home but you can't leave me. I'm in your mind, that voice saying, "You're not good enough, little girl. You're not smart enough or tough enough or glamorous enough to make it in this world." And that little voice is going to eat away at you like termites until your whole pathetic house come crashing down. You think you're on the road to being legends but you couldn't make it from here to the door without me pointing the way. You're nothing but bags of rancid, rotting meat. Well, take a long last look at this filet mignon. I doubt we'll be conversing ever again unless I take a sudden interest in dying of boredom.
—Elektra Abundance to Lulu and Candy Ferocity[src]


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