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The Evangelista Residence is a renovated apartment space, designated 306, under contract by Blanca Evangelista, and home of the Children of Evangelista.


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Purchase and Renovation

Blanca, having started a new day moving forward on her dream, sought a landlord on an old, rundown apartment unit within the area. She accepts the offer on Room 306; having been forced into breaking the news to her first house about establishing her own, she moves into the apartment, cleaning and repairing as much as she could. Answering a knock at the door, she is greeted to the face of Damon Richards and welcomes him into her home.[1]

Lonely House

After the departure of her children from the home and the separation from her closest friend and faternal figure, Blanca Evangelista sat at the dinnertable, eating dinner by herself.[2]

Without a building to house her business, Blanca turned the empty house into her nail salon, deciding to do her manicuring in the dinning space. Her health began to decline due to the constant exposure to the chemicals from the salon work. Unexpectedly, she received a visit from Pray Tell, where the two hugged tearfully and restarted their friendship with one another, conversing on lost time.[3]


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