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Frederica Norman is a wealthy woman based in New York City and the landowner to Vogue Nails.


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Early Life

Frederica lived and developed in an upper class environment, establishing herself in the business of real estate. She met and soon married a man named Randy Norman, the two conceiving of a son named Jonas.[2]


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False Face

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Arson and Arrest

After applying insurance to the lot, Frederica went to Vogue Nails, setting a fire to its interior at night.[3]

In May 1990, she was arrested for the arson to the building and insurance fraud, being informed by her lawyer Asher Edelman that she could spend 5 to 10 years in prison. While in prison, Frederica states that she regrets ruining Blanca's dream.[1]


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  • Randy Norman: Frederica was married to Randy, conceived a child with him, and after the exposure of his adultery wih a man, filed for divorce.
  • Jonas Norman: Through many connections, Frederica orchestrated with Jonas to repeatedly dismantle and destroy the business of Blanca Rodriguez after being informed by her son of her identity, though all efforts failed to dissuade her.


  • Blanca Rodriguez: Though vocally derrogative towards her during their initial interaction, Frederica quickly turned against Blanca after her son disclosed that she was transgender. Despite many of her attempts to get the business shut down, Frederica and Blanca continuously battled against one another, going so far as to actively burn Vogue Nails, though her efforts backfired due to an eyewitness pinning her to the arson.