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Helena St. Rogers is the Dean of the New School for Dance and a renowned dance instructor who takes a special interest in Damon.


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New School

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Last Visit

During the passing winter month, Helena took a trip to Roosevelt Hospital, silent and keeping to herself until she reached her floor, signed in, and walked to the room of her student Tony. She watched as he swayed before approaching him, requesting that he return to bed; pushed away and Tony ripping his IV from his arm, Helena screamed for a nurse to restrain him. A moment later, she spoke to him, informing him that he was dancing while she attempted to comfort him.

Returning to the classroom, Helena was briefly called away from her students for a phone call from the hospital. She had been informed that Tony had passed after her prior visit and was unable to provide contact information to his birth family. Holding in grief while instructing the class, she notices Damon's late arrival, stopping class to instruct him that the students were past warm-up exercises. The two eventually argued over the tardiness and Damon's distractions outside the classes. Ultimately, Helena cited him upon mentioning attending balls, demanding that he leave her class.[2]

Parental Intervention

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Motherly Advice

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Damon's Graduation

After Damon's graduation recital, Helena has a parting conversation with Blanca. Reminiscing on their first encounter where Blanca barged into her office to demand an audition for Damon, Helena offered her reverence for Blanca due to Blanca's devotion to her children. Helena remarks that although it was a delight to teach Damon, it was an honor to know Blanca.


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  • Tony: Helena had previously become invested in the progression of a former student in her classes. Falling ill from the virus, she often visited Tony and, upon learning of his passing, became distraught.
  • Damon Richards: Though initially missing the deadline to enroll in her classes, Helena, through his mother Blanca Rodriguez, allowed for him to impress her and two other spectators. After entering her class, she places heavy pressures on him to be the greatest he could be, placing great efforts for him to seek out his career of becoming a renounced star. Helena also provides many opportunities for him to showcase his performance on stage while providing some nourishment along the way.
  • Blanca Rodriguez: Helena and Blanca often have a positive relationship between one another, both seeking to better student Damon Richards in his studies and his enrollment into her classes. The two have also spoken much about how to go about raising the youth that are under their care.



You know, the best students I ever have are the ones who are imaging their legacy every day. They don't want to be good or great, they want to be legends. They aren't afraid of dying, they're afraid of not leaving their mark.
—Helena St. Rogers to Blanca Evangelista at Damon Evangelista's graduation[src]