House Abundance was a former ruling, legendary house established by Elektra Abundance.


The House of Abundance is the house established by reigning ballroom champion Elektra Abundance who mothered Blanca Rodriguez after witnessing her first performance at a Ball. The house soon grew with new members: Angel, Lulu, and Candy, alongside two male members Cubby and Lemar.[1]

Including financial support through Elektra's lover Dick Ford, the house lived in her studio apartment and, often, obtained their desired materials through theft. The house, soon, began to lose members after long-time child Blanca declared that she had put forth efforts in establishing her own house. Following her defection from House Abundance, Angel leaves as well, joining House Evangelista.[2][3]

Though tensions emerge between Candy and Elektra over disputes with Candy's attitude towards walking categories and receiving unconvincing body moditifications, Candy remains with Abundance. After learning of their mother's relationship faultering post-surgery, the children of House Abundance leave upon learning of an eviction notice from Elektra's studio apartment, all migrating under Lulu and Candy's house instead. Unable to seek out a new suitor to financially support her needs, Elektra returns to Show World as a performer, House Abundance collapsing.[4][5][6]

Ball Participation

Year Category Participant(s) Results Ref.
1987 Being it Like Royalty House Abundance Grand Prize [2]
Pose (Challenge) House Abundance v. House Evangelista Grand Prize [2]
Legendary Runway (Challenge) Elektra Abundance v. Blanca Evangelista First runner-up [7]
Dynasty Elektra Abundance Grand Prize [7]
Legendary Runway (Challenge, rematch) Elektra Abundance v. Blanca Evangelista Grand Prize [7]
1988 Luscious Femme Queen Body Candy Abundance Last place [4]
Beautiful Bodacious Body Elektra Abundance First runner-up [4]
Modèle Effet House Abundance Grand Prize [4]
House Abundance v. House Mugler Grand Prize [1]
Mother-Daughter Realness (Challenge) House Abundance Grand Prize [1]

Former Members


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