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House Evangelista is a house established by former House Abundance member Blanca Rodriguez.


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Upon learning of her diagnosis have being HIV-positive, Blanca of House Abundance obtained a lease for a small, rundown apartment and left her first family, much to the disapproval of Elektra. Quickly, Blanca managed to recruit Damon Richards during her visit of the parks and, later the following evening, former Abundance member Angel and homeless youth Lil Papi.[1]

During their establishment, the house has repeatedly welcomed Pray Tell to many of their gatherings, starting with Christmas, and have treated him as part of the family even during his darkest moments. They would also welcome a new member Ricky, upon the suggestion of his lover Damon after performing well at the ball.[2][3]

After Blanca discovers a pager belonging to Papi, she begins an intervention with her children, individually asking them if he was doing drugs; while Angel and Damon lied about having no knowledge of his dealing, Ricky confessed what he knew about Papi's dealing. At the Pier, Blanca confronted and disowned Papi for breaking the rules, later attempting to reverse her decision overnight.[4]

The House of Evangelista welcomed former House Mother Elektra into their home after Blanca found her working at Show World and moving around the city for a place to sleep. Blanca also brought her into a new job as a hostess at Indochine. In return, Elektra provided her aid in the balls, walking as a member of Evangelista against the House of Ferocity and bringing two other members Cubby and Lemar, alongside the return of Lil Papi.[5]

Blanca was nominated and won the 1988 Mother of the Year Award.[5]


While Ricky toured with Al B. Sure!, the House of Evangelista had adjusted to the crowded housing. However, as Elektra continously returned to the apartment after curfew irritated and was scolded by House Mother Blanca Evangelista for not attending the ACT UP protest at the St. Patrick's Cathedral, she willingly left the house.[6]

Ricky soon returned to New York City, resuming his relationship with Damon Evangelista. The two, alongside Cubby and Lemar, decided to detour to a bar instead of a friend's funeral. When a ball festivity was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Elektra and her new House of Wintour, members Cubby and Lemar left Evangelista for Wintour; later during the same ball, Damon encountered Chris, who informed him that he and Ricky toured together and had an affair, much to Damon's bewilderment. The two men came to blows and, with the ball closed early, led to Damon and Ricky in a heated argument over the affair and the lies.

Both men tested negative for HIV, but the relationship soured, Damon separating from Ricky, citing he needed to care for himself first. Ricky, distraught, left Evangelista as well.[7]

Conflicts continue to arise after Damon graduates from the New School for Dance, as Angel drunkenly teases her sibling's upcoming career path. Growing impatient and upset over the remarks, he reveals that she had used cocaine behind her Mother's back, Lulu Ferocity asking about Angel's suspicious behavior the day prior. The dispute continued to escalate when Blanca accepted Angel's answers over the accusation, causing Damon to attack Blanca and, eventually, revealing Ricky's HIV-status and Pray Tell's relationship shift with him. Damon grew silent to Blanca after a second attempt to have the truth presented and Angel kicked from the house as punishment.

After winning a trophy, he was approached by Tori, presented the opportunity to tour alongside Malcolm McLaren that he accepts. He expressed to Blanca that the tour, however, would be based in Europe.

Angel confesses to Blanca during a lunch meeting about using cocaine. She told her that she wanted to accept her punishment properly, not wanting to have her be a bad House Mother.[8]

In May 1991, with all her children growing out of the house, Blanca continued her nail business in her apartment, growing sickly from the fumes and condition deteriorating.[9]

Ball Participation

Year Category Participant(s) Results Ref.
1987 Pose (Challenge) House Evangelista v. House Abundance First runner-up [1]
Bring it Like a Weather Girl Angel Evangelista Grand Prize [10]
Legendary Runway (Challenge) House Evangelista v. House Abundance Grand Prize [10]
Legendary Runway (Challenge, rematch) House Evangelista v. House Abundance First runner-up [10]
Stone Cold Face (The Snow Ball) Angel Evangelista Grand Prize [2]
1988 Butch Queen Body Ricky Evangelista Grand Prize [3]
Realness: Bring it like a Banjee Boy Lil Papi Evangelista Grand Prize [3]
House Versus House (Challenge) House Evangelista v. House Ferocity Grand Prize [5]
Femme Queen Face Elektra Evangelista Grand Prize [5]
1988 Diva of the Year Elektra Evangelista Grand Prize [5]
1988 Mother of the Year Blanca Evangelista Grand Prize [5]
1990 Runway Mo-del Effect Angel Evangelista Grand Prize [6]
Runway: Bring it like a French Revolution Elektra Evangelista Grand Prize [6]
Runway: Bring it like the booked black beauties in Vogue Angel Evangelista Grand Prize [6]
High Fashion in Feathers (Eros Ball) House Evangelista First runner-up [7]
Femme Queen Runway Angel Evangelista Grand Prize [11]
Butch Queen Vogue Femme Damon Evangelista Grand Prize [12]
Unnamed category Lil Papi Evangelista Grand Prize [8]
Butch Queen Vogue Damon Evangelista Grand Prize [8]
1991 Candy's Sweet Reframe (Mother's Day Ball) Blanca Evangelista Grand Prize [9]
1994 [13]
1998 [14]


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