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House Ferocity is a house established by former House Abundance members Lulu and Candy.



Branching away from the falling House Abundance, Lulu and Candy bonded in a bar, taking on an idea for their own flourishing house. Rejecting Fabulocity on the notion of "too gay," the two women agreed to Ferocity instead. Quickly, they took in Cubby and Lemar from Abundance, Aphrodite from Xtravaganza, and friends Veronica and Florida. Lastly, as a threat against the House of Evangelista, the women adopted Lil Papi after learning of his removal for selling drugs.[1]

During the Ball, tensions between Lil Papi and the House Mothers continued to arise, as Lulu and Candy continued to berate him for his subpar servitude and disrespect, prompting him to leave the house and return to House Evangelista. Cubby and Lemar also mutually agreed to leave upon request of Elektra.[2]


The House of Ferocity continued to fluctate in their ball victories and often saw themselves challenged against Blanca and the House of Evangelista, notably against Elektra. However, their luck changed when she decided to join their house, after defecting from Evangelista. Providing some financial aid through fashion, the house managed to claim a couple trophies, though Candy expressed some irritation to Elektra's parading over the advantage.[3][4]

Soon, a conflict arose between Candy and Elektra about the living conditions and the limited storage. Coming to the realization of her changed demeanor, Elektra chooses to leave the house, breaking off and establishing a new house of her own.[4]

With a falling out during a voguing category between Candy and Pray Tell and an incident the following day in the middle of the MC Council meeting, the House Mother disappears from Lulu's presence, prompting her to seek the aid of Blanca to search for her. The women learn of the brutal death of Candy Ferocity, placing efforts to obtain the body and plan an appropriate funeral for the co-House Mother.[5]

Ball Participation

Year Category Participant(s) Results Ref.
1988 House Versus House (Challenge) House Ferocity v. House Evangelista First runner-up [2]
1988 Diva of the Year Aphrodite Ferocity First runner-up [2]
1990 Runway: Bring it like a French Revolution House Ferocity Last place [3]
Fashionable Femme Queens Lulu Ferocity Grand Prize [4]
High Fashion in Feathers (Eros Ball) Candy Ferocity Last place [4]
Candy Ferocity Last place [5]
1991 Runway (Challenge) Aphrodite Ferocity First runner-up [6]
Realness (Challenge) Lulu Ferocity First runner-up [6]
Vogue (Challenge) Florida Ferocity Grand Prize [6]
1991 Mother of the Year Lulu Ferocity Nominated [6]

Former Members