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House Wintour is a new house established by legendary mother, Elektra Abundance.


After engaging in fuming conflicts with her formers houses, Evangelista and Ferocity, and concluding that she has gotten softer since receiving surgery, Elektra set out with red invitation boxes to a selection of four people to join her newest house: Tess, Shadow and Silhouette, and Jazmine.

Though the house made a performative entrance into the ballroom, they were quickly pushed out after an incident between House Mothers began to stir on the floor. The House of Wintour, however, gained two members during the night, Cubby and Lemar, and eventually Ricky from Evangelista.[1]

Ball Participation

Year Category Participant(s) Results Ref.
1990 High Fashion in Feathers (Eros Ball) House Wintour Grand Prize [1]
Lofting Lemar Wintour Unknown placement [2]
Butch Queen Vogue Femme Ricky Wintour First runner-up [3]
Femme Queen Vogue Silhouette Wintour Unknown placement [4]
Butch Queen Vogue Shadow Wintour First runner-up [4]
1991 Runway (Challenge) Jazmine Wintour Grand Prize [5]
Realness (Challenge) Elektra Wintour Grand Prize [5]
Vogue (Challenge) Shadow Wintour Unknown placement [5]
1991 Mother of the Year Elektra Wintour Grand Prize [5]
Butch Queen Up in Drags: First Time at a Ball Ricky Wintour Unknown placement [5]
Cubby Wintour Unknown placement
Lemar Wintour Grand Prize

Former Members