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Jazmine Wintour is a member to the newest House of Wintour.


Jazmine worked at Show World in New York City. In April 1990, she was recruited by Elektra to be apart of her newest House of Wintour, being selected for her beauty and set of skills that Elektra promised to elevate. She followed alongside Tess, Shadow and Silhouette in making an entrance with their House Mother, though it was unwelcomed; they also gained two new members that night and one more days later.[1]

Jazmine and her siblings mourned the death of Candy Ferocity.[2] Weeks after the funeral, she dined with her house in celebration of Ricky Wintour excelling in his dance tour and prepared him to win a voguing category.[3]

While preparing at her work at Show World, she was approached by Lil Papi for an opportunity to be endorsed by him in a possible modeling venture but rejected his offer, citing the complication related to impartiality, with his relationship to Angel.[4]