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Jonas Norman is the son of Randy and Frederica Norman.


Jonas is the child of Randy and Frederica Norman.

While working with his mother's business as a rent collector, he returned home during her interview with Elizabeth where he informed Frederica that Blanca was not who she said she was, prompting him to evict her from Vogue Nails.[1]

With the two women undergoing a constant battle over the building, he is tasked with boarding the building and changing the locks to the building in an effort to stop Blanca from continuing her business; he and Frederica visit the scene where a group of people from the Ballroom community established a vocal protest early in the morning.[2]



  • Frederica Norman: Jonas maintains a more formal and professional relationship with his mother, employed to handle many business-related interactions with cilents or tennants of the family realtor properties. He performs a variety of different activities for Frederica in relation to Blanca Rodriguez.


  • Blanca Rodriguez: After informing his mother of her transgender identity, Jonas regularly antagonizes Blanca per his mother's request, including boarding and locking the doors to Vogue Nails after Frederica forcefully evicts her from the building.