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Lemar Khan is a young ballroom participant who once belonged to the House of Abundance and the House of Ferocity before moving to the House of Evangelista. An avid admirer of Elektra Abundance, he boldly sought to be her underling before the disbandment of Wintour House to establish his own domineering house within the Ballroom community.


House Abundance

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House Ferocity

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House Evangelista

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House Wintour

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House Khan

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  • Elektra Abundance: Lemar has developed a strong love and worship of the reigning Queen of Ballroom, often taking own a more subservient relationship instead of the mother-son bond.
  • Cubby: Lemar's relationship to Cubby is one of mutual respect and are often inseparable, rarely apart. Both share a deep adoration towards Elektra, going as far as to abandon their home in Evangelista to join Elektra's newly established House of Wintour.