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Matt Bromley is Stan’s lascivious coworker at the Trump Organization who often overindulges in the finer things in life. After witnessing his colleague moving upward in the workplace, he became enraged, deciding to disclose his affair with an escort to his wife Patty Bowes in an effort to ruin his private life.


First Impressions

Matt Bromley introduced himself to the newest employee Stan Bowes in his office. Between the two, they conversed about their boss's acceptance of the application due to Stan's birthplace being New Jersey, alongside instructing him on what his work would be while in Trump Tower. He also snorts cocaine, extending an offer to Stan.[1]

On the next few days, he learned from Stan Bowes that he sought an escort after work, trying to balance a secretive relationship, alongside desiring a raise to satisfy both women; Matt agreed to gifting him the raise to fulfill his co-worker's promises.[2]

Growing Adversary

Approaching Christmas times, Matt enters the workplace late, being informed by a secretary that the boss was having a meeting. With all the men dismissed for the day, he confronted Stan, who confessed that he decided to approach the boss directly, Bromley expressing that the newcomer had overstep his bounds in the workplace hierarchy. In retaliation, he visited his address in New Jersey, meeting his wife Patty Bowes with presents in hand.

Matt conversed with the woman, telling her that he was not assigning that her husband worked overtime at Trump Tower. He also inappropriately advanced towards Patty with a kiss that she rebuffed. Eventually, the two witnessed as Stan returned home, surprising him with his presence as he began to leave the residence.[3]

In secret, he repeatedly visits Patty, giving her more details relating to meeting with the escort in New York City. He is rejected from ever having an affair with her as well, though he retorts that he gets what he wants.[4]

Months passed, Matt greets an upset Stan Bowes, curious about his spousal issues; he was promptedly attacked by the angry employee, the two scoffled on the floor before eventually separating.[5]


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Matt Bromley is a conservative man that mixes his pleasures with his work. Limiting his eyes and ears to his employment and relatively close to his employer, he offers a friendly persona to the newest co-worker Stan Bowes and coaches him in his deceptive double life with his wife in New Jersey and his mistress within New York City.

He harbors a jealosity towards anyone that steps out of line or invade his respective place in the workplace; upon noticing Stan supersede him in persuit of purposing an idea directly to Donald, Matt begins visiting Patty Bowes, attempting to engage in an affair with her while providing hints and clues to Stan's other relationship.



  • Patty Bowes: When Stan begin to advance into his "territory" in the workplace, he sought to undermine his personal life through unwarranted visits at the Bowes Residence, giving out hints of her husband's affairs to Patty and pushing to initiate a sexual affair with her. Despite this, the two never go far in their relationship outside confessing a failing marriage.


  • Stan Bowes: Though initially taking a liking to him from sharing the same birthplace of New Jersey, Matt gradually grew resentful towards Stan. With the new employee moving forward in the business, he plots to reveal Bowes' personal affairs with Angel to his wife Patty in an act of revenge.

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