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Ms. Eileen Ford is a fashion model agent and the head of Ford Agency.


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During a networking event, Ford is introduced to Angel where, although not accepting Angel's homemade photos, she recommends Angel a photographer to go and get professional images taken with. She also conducts another interview with Angel who's "sassiness" loses her the job, however Ford presents her with an opportunity after a model dropped out during a photoshoot. When it is revealed that Angel is transgender, she is dropped by multiple brands however with the help of Papi, Ms. Ford agrees to continue working with Angel.


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  • Angel Evangelista: Ford was introduced to Angel through a networking event in which models within the city registered to become part of the agency's cilents. Though she did not accept the homemade photos taken with Papi, Ford gave Angel an opportunity to join, recommending a photographer willing to reduce his price for professionally shot images of Angel's modeling potential. She would also conduct a later interview, the admission charted down to four other women. Though Angel's "sassiness" snipped her initial chance to become a model for a cosmetics brand, Ford presented the newcomer with an open opportunity when a model dropped out during a photoshoot, leaving Angel as an alternative.
  • Andre Taglioni: Ford has been known to have connections to fellow photographer Andre Taglioni, as she recommended him to newcomer Angel for professional polaroids.
  • Esteban Martinez-Evangelista: Ford strikes up a business relationship between Angel's lover, who flocked to her for guidance on starting his own modeling business to help bring women from the ballroom community into the spotlight as professional idols.



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