Ms. Orlando is a shady woman that offers discounted silicone to women.


Candy and Angel

Ms. Orlando is visited by Candy and Angel to seek more silicone injections. Amidst their conversation, Orlando explained that she had a supply of silicone from Honduras and that they were laced with something special. After much explanations, she offers a syringe for Candy's injection, performing one into her thigh.[1]

Candy and Elektra

Ms. Orlando was visited by Candy Ferocity and Elektra Wintour, much to her displeasure. Repeatedly, she tries to shoe Candy away from her business, citing that the incident at the balls had weaken her traffic of customers to get injections; she continued to also push Elektra away by association and the story that Orlando "made a girl disappear after dying from her injections."

Provided money afront, she was requested by Orlando to help in the transport and disposal of her cilent Paul. Through some arrangements, she, Elektra, and Candy traveled to the Hellfire Club to collect the body in a large suitcase. At Elektra's bedroom, the women laid the suitcase there, while Ms. Orlando stopped by nearby markets for various deordorizing products and a tarp. The women collectively worked quickly, after a short prayer over the body, to wrap Paul into a tightly-sown cocoon, later placing the cocoon into a box that hid with many of Elektra's possessions in the closet.[2]



  • Candy Ferocity: Orlando was sought by Candy first to receive silicone injections within her upper thighs and butt. While performing well at the next ball, Candy's collapse led to a reduction in Orlando's business practices, citing complications that led many women to fear seeking her for the next two years. When Candy resurfaced, Orlando was initially recluntant to cooperate with Candy or her mother Elektra Abundance.
  • Elektra Wintour: Due to her relationship with Candy, Orlando was hesitant to work with Elektra. She continued to push her away, even after being called out for her work with mutilating the women of the ballroom community; Orlando changed her mind after being given a some of money for her services in disposing the body of a cilent at the Hellfire Club.



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