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Mother of The Year is the eighth and final episode of Season One and the eighth overall episode of the series Pose. It premiered on July 22, 2018, on FX.


The ultimate showdown takes place at the Princess Ball, when the House of Evangelista battle against the House of Ferocity and Mother of the Year is decided.


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With the loss of her apartment and financier, Elektra Abundance moved around New York City, working at Show World and finding places to sleep, choosing dinner tables and park benches to rest. During one evening, she is visited by her adoptive daughter Blanca Evangelista. They spoke with each other at the dinner, Blanca pressing to provide help for her; despite Elektra continuing her facade, Blanca soon readied herself to leave, being halted as Elektra finally revealing that she wished not to present as "needy."


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  • With the exception of House Evangelista, all the nominated houses mentioned for the 1988 Mother of the Year Award are real-life houses within the LGBTQ community of New York: Mugler, Pendavis, and Xtravaganza.
    • Sol Pendavis, whom portrays himself in the episode as a judge, is the House Father to real-life House Pendavis.
    • Hector Xtravaganza, also portraying himself in the episode as a judge, is the House Grandfather to the real-life House Xtravaganza.


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