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Gays have rights, lesbians have rights, men have rights, women have rights, even animals have rights. How many of us have to die before the community recognizes that we are not expendable?
Octavia St. Laurent (1964-2009)

Never Knew Love Like This Before is the fourth episode of Season Two and the twelfith overall episode of the series Pose. It aired on July 9, 2019, on FX.


The Ballroom community is shaken to its core when a valued member is brutally attacked.


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Ballroom is emceed by Pray Tell, with the participants performing vogue. In an effort to change things up, he sets the category to Lofting, cheering on the butch queens who vogued for their scores. After he calls out for anyone who wished to enter the category, Candy Ferocity struts into the room, being complimented by friends but receives a tiresome sigh from Pray and the judges.


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