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On The Run is the first episode of Season Three and the nineteenth episode of the series Pose. It aired on May 2, 2021.[1][2]


1994. With the AIDS epidemic reaching fever pitch, Blanca finds purpose working as a nurse's aide at Roosevelt Hospital alongside her new love, Christopher. But Blanca's history with a new patient leads to a challenging ordeal. Meanwhile, Lemar shakes up the ballroom community when he becomes father to the unruly House of Khan forcing the House of Evangelista to consider reassembling.


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Police cars storm to the Hellfire Club in the night of 1994 New York City, groups of policemen raiding the interior of the dungeon. As the men advanced deeper, Chi Chi calls out to the others of the raid and to run. With dominatrixes and their cilente scurrying in a frenzy, the police reach the closed door to a dungeon, finding Elektra Abundance with a cilent of her own before forcing her out as well.


Main Cast

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  • Last appearance of Damon.
  • First appearance of Christopher


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