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Patty Bowes is the loving and devoted housewife to Stan Bowes who, through hints by his employer Matt Bromley, grows suspicious of her husband's infidelity while working in New York. She, soon, comes face-to-face with the escort Angel, learns of the affair, and took familial matters into her own hands, seeking to become independent of him.


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Early Life

Patty, the daughter of Bobbi, met Stan Bowes, fell in love, and married him. The two settled in a suburban home in New Jersey where they conceived two children, their oldest a daughter named Amanda.[1][2]

Celebratory Dinner and Dance

Patty joins her husband in celebration of his new job at Trump Tower, dining at the Rainbow Room; enjoying the fancy food, the two take to the floor, slow dancing in a romantic embrace.[1]


Months after Stan accepts a job at Trump Tower, Patty is visited by his co-worker Matt Bromley who informs her of her husband's affair with Angel. She confronts Stan, questioning him about the jewelry he bought for her, and follows Matt's hints to locate and talk to Angel. Patty is shocked to learn that Angel is transgender upon meeting her.

After their conversation about the affair, Patty seeks her family doctor for an HIV test.[3][4]

Couple Counseling

Patty takes Stan to couples therapy and kicks him out of the house. She also plans to divorce him after the children graduate high school as well as return to college to get a degree.[2]


A loving and caring housewife, Patty settled with her working husband Stan tending to their children and maintaining the household. She soon grows suspicious of his long nights at "the office" when a co-worker of his gradually tells her of an affair, leaving her anxious of the secrets he hides.

Upon the discovery of the affair, Patty develops her own indepedence from Stan, plotting to renew her career path and choosing to prepare for a divorce after the children are older and completed their high school education.



  • Stan Bowes: Happily married and raising two children, one being young daughter Amanda Bowes, Patty and Stan settled in New Jersey in the upper-middle class suburbia. However, months after her husband accepts a job in New York City and meeting his boss Matt Bromley, she becomes suspicious of Stan's whereabouts, confronting him at the start about purchasing jewelry for his mistress and, later, sneakily following clues given to her by Matt to locate and speak with Angel. Afterwards, she sought to eventually divorce him after both their children had graduated and moved out of the house.


  • Angel: Patty and Angel momentarily engaged in a casual conversation after being led through hints by Matt Bromley of her husband's affairs. She confronted her on the ordeal, questioned their relationship, and made insulting comments about her gender identity.


  • Matt Bromley: Though they only met through unwarranted house visits at the Bowes Residence, Patty detested Matt, rejecting his sexual advances and initially was in disbelief about Stan having an affair. The two began to seek the truth but Patty continued to protest that she had no true feelings towards him.