Pilot is the first episode of Season One and the overall first episode of the series Pose. It premiered on June 3, 2018, on FX.


Blanca pursues her dream of becoming a house mother after receiving a devastating medical diagnosis, and Damon moves to New York City with aspirations of joining a dance company in the series premiere of this drama about the ball-culture world in the 1980s.


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The children of House Abundance prepare for the upcoming ball event, Elektra asking for suggestions for how they wish to walk; after rejecting Angel's proposal and Blanca's idea, she suggests that they walk as the Royal House of Abundance. A brief flare of insults, Blanca returns to cooking.

Pose0101 2

Elektra informs the children to hide in the Museum.

As the evening grew, the children visited the Museum, taking a liking to the exhibits inside and reaching the exhib filled with royal cloths. With the prompted announcement that the museum would be closing, Elektra commanded everyone hide from the sight of guards. With the exhibits darkened, the children emerged and collected the wardrobe pieces and cloths on the mannequins, Elektra instructing them to take everything. Reaching the doors, Blanca informed her Mother that the doors were locked, prompting them to use a bench to escape through a nearby window, shattering the glass that set off the alarm and carting the bags down to the Ballroom.

While quickly dressing for the event with police on their tail, Pray Tell annouces to the floor that the category was Royalty, critiquing many houses that walked in their costumes. Soon, eyes were on the Royal House of Abundance: Cubby, Lemar, Candy, Lulu, Angel, Blanca, and, lastly, Elektra all presented to the crowds, bearing the clothes that were stolen from the Museum. With the arrival of the police, Elektra and her children willingly accepted the handcuffs, as they were brought to jail.

The next day, in Allentown, Damon Richards attended his class as a ballet dancer. Taking a city bus closer to home, he returned to his house, retreating into his bedroom, where he played a cassette in his stereo and danced. However, he was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of his father who turned the music off and began questioning Damon about his whereabouts; following a rumor from a co-worker, Mr. Richards presented a gay magazine from underneath Damon's bed, demanding he explain himself. In a low tone, Damon confessed that he was attending dance classes and that he was gay; he added, taking a slap, that he wished to move away and build a name for himself, which enraged his father further into beating him.

Pose0101 12

Damon speaks with his mother outside the house.

Damon's mother, carrying a bag of groceries, hurried inside the house to stop her husband, who demanded and pulled his son out of the house onto the lawn. Mrs. Richards stood before Damon with his belongings, slapping him and proclaimed that while she supported his creativity, she did not want him to become a sinner. When he stayed silent to asking for forgiveness for his homosexuality, she disowned him.

Waiting at a clinic in New York City, Blanca witnessed as two lovers embraced before she was called into the doctor's office. She requested the physician informed her of her status, to which the physician disclosed that Blanca was HIV-positive, assuring her that there were trials and methods of living with the condition. Later, she visited Pray Tell at his home.


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