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The Glossary serves to define all terminologies used in or throughout the series of Pose and functions to educate users and contributors of specific words and phrases that exist.

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  1. AIDS (noun)(abbreivation) - acquired immune deficiency syndrome
See also: HIV


  1. Ball (noun) - a social gathering for dancing
  2. Butch (adjective) - masculine, traits and qualities typically associated with men or the male form


  1. Cisgender (noun) - modern-day term; an individual whose gender identity is aligned with their assigned sex


  1. Drag (noun)(adjective) - slang term referring to individuals that presents in the opposite or gender-nonconforming way
    1. Drag queen (noun) - a man, usually homosexual, that dresses hyper-femininely


  1. Femme (adjective) - feminine, traits and qualities typically associated with women or the female form


  1. Gay (adjective) - homosexual, typically used to describe men who are romantically and/or sexually interested exclusively to other men.


  1. Hormone (noun) - a substance that engages with cells to perform a task; typically refers to a person's sex hormones
  2. House (noun) - a family or family lineage; a collection of disowned men and women from separate families that live amongst each other
  3. HIV (noun)(abbreivation) - human immunodeficiency virus
Main article: HIV


  1. Mop (verb) - to shoplift, to obtain a piece of clothing, often for a ball


  1. Queen (noun) - a term used for women of higher hierarchy or for a homosexual man
  2. Queer (adjective) - formerly used prejoratively towards people with same-sex desires, a term that describes someone within a sexual or gender minority outside the upheld norms


  1. Read (verb) - to highlight or exaggerate flaws in a person


  1. Sex-reassignment surgery (noun) - a medical procedure in which patients undergo a sex change (also known as gender-reassignment surgery)
  2. Shade (verb) - developed from reading; works with a medium of backhanded compliments
  3. Straight (adjective) - heterosexual, describes men who are romantically and/or sexually interested exclusively to women or vice versa.


  1. Transsexual (adjective) - archaic term for "transgender"
    1. Transgender (adjective)(abr.: trans) - an individual whose gender identity is different from their assigned sex


  1. Vogue (verb) - a dance form developed by Willi Ninja
Main article: Vogue


  1. Yas (exclamation) - emphatic yes
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