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Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is growing up.
James Baldwin (1924-1987)

Revelations is the eighth episode of Season Two and the sixteenth overall episode of the series Pose. It aired on August 6, 2019, on FX.


Relationships are irreparably damaged when Damon reveals the secrets others have been hiding.


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Pray Tell shows Ricky the many pills and herbs he needs to take in an effort to sustain his health while HIV-positive. Though Ricky expresses somber about not being able to date and not telling anyone of his status, Pray comforts him. The two men have a dinner while watching television, Pray warning Ricky that he needs to change his diet to keep himself "thick and healthy" over his old habits leaving him "cute and scawny." Ricky continues to flirt to Pray, though is rebuffed. With the night drawing ever darker, Pray hands him a pillow and comforters, providing the lumpy couch for sleep, as he retreats to his room, telling him to leave in the morning. A moment passes, Pray hears and feels the young man crawl into bed with him, repeatedly asking him what he was doing; Ricky tells him that the couch was lump as previously stated and that he was developing feelings for Pray before laying a kiss onto Pray. Quickly, the two become entangled in a lustful performance with their naked bodies that last the night until they lay next to each other, glowing from the act.

The following morning at Evangelista Residence, Lil Papi shows Angel her cover photo on a magazine he purchased. They cheer about how the picture turned out. Papi asked about the photographer's behavior since he left the shoot, to which Angel answered that he was aggressive but was unable to do much to her in the presence of others. The two soon kiss after Papi comments that he wished to have been present to defend her against Taglioni. He, later, took her to an apartment a co-worker of his allowed him to have for the couple to live, away from their Evaneglista home.

Meanwhile, Pray Tell happily walked to the dinner to meet with the Masters of Ceremony Council, greeting the customers inside and ridiculed by the other men for his tardiness.


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  • The episode makes history in televising the first scene in which two Black, queer, HIV-positive men expressed love for each other.[1]
  • Dyllon Burnside shares that the love scene between Ricky and Pray Tell was unscripted.[1]


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