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Stan Bowes is a family man from New Jersey that began to work for the Trump Organization to provide for his family. Adjusting to his new occupation, he meets Angel while in New York City, becoming invested in her. Between his travels, he attempts to maintain a secret love affair with her but has it revealed to his wife Patty after moving further in his workplace upsets his employer Matt Bromley.


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Early Life

Stan Bowes settled in New Jersey, married to Patty Bowes and conceiving two children, their oldest daughter named Amanda. While Patty stayed home to care for the household and the children, Stan traveled to New York City, being hired to work for the Trump Organization.[1]

Job Interview

Entering Trump Tower, Stan met with his superior Matt Bromley in his office. The two conversed about Donald Trump and the details surrounding his employment.[1]

Ball Room

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Following this Stan travels the streets and is approaches by Angel who he takes to a motel; though she exposes herself to him, Stan suggests they merely lie next to each other and talk.  They eventually part ways after kissing one another.  After being denied a job at Trump Tower, Angel waits for Stan outside the building but Stan pushes her away and tells her that he has a family.  Stan asks for a raise at work so that he may give Angel her own apartment.  Stan welcomes Angel to her new studio apartment where she makes him promise to spend one hour on Christmas with her, however he is unable to visit her after being questioned by Patty.


Returning to his home, Stan made note of a wall drawing, in which Patty informed him that Amanda had begun acting out. In the middle of their conversation, he was told that as the children got older, she planned to have an official divorce.

Later in the night, he revisited Angel outside the Ballroom. Stan attempted to sway her to be with him and run away from her life. Instead, he received rejection for his notions of "escape," soon leaving when she returned to the ball with Blanca.[2]


Stan lives under a standard in which he views his lifestyle as a mediocrity. Brought up on traditional, conservative means and beliefs, he molds himself in a "regular family" with his wife.

He exhibits a desire to move outside the set standard given to him through his upbringing, to a point of glamorizing or romanticizing a truer reality beyond his own. After gaining his position at Trump Tower, he seeks a secretive affair with Angel, an escort from the Piers. Repeatedly, he fights between continuing to live with his family in New Jersey and starting his enticing romance with a transgender woman from New York City, despite the conflicting feelings he harbors towards her body.



  • Patty Bowes: Married for years, Stan held the middle-cass lifestyle with Patty in New Jersey. Though the two have two children in their marriage, the two break when Matt Bromley informed her of an affair. Gradually, the marriage began to crumble, Stan putting forth a pending divorce.
  • Angel: Stan begins a complicated romantic interest in Angel after accepting a job at Trump Tower. Between work and family obligations, he ventures the Pier and flowers Angel in gifts and professes his love for her and her "realness." Diving deeper into their relationship and being exposed to ball culture, he initially becomes distant towards her but, in an effort to win her affection back, put forth effort to divorce his wife Patty and "rescue" Angel from the life of the balls.


  • Matt Bromley: Matt started out as Stan’s superior, and he was a type of mentor and confidante on the subject of having a mistress. However, this dynamic and thus their relationship became strained when Stan showed early signs of success in the workplace, prompting Matt to act out in envy.


I'm no one. I want what I'm supposed to want, I wear what I'm supposed to wear and I work where I'm supposed to work. I stand for nothing. I've never fought in a war and I probably won't ever have to case the next on's gonna kill us all. I can buy things I can't afford which means they're never really mine. I don't live. I don't believe. I accumulate. I'm a brand, a middle-class white guy. But you're who you are even though the price you pay for it is being disinvited from the rest of the world. I'm the one playing dress-up. Is it wrong to want to be with one of the few people in the world who isn't, to have one person in my life who I know is real?
—Stan Bowes to Angel[src]

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