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Vogue Nails is a newly established nail salon under ownership of Blanca Evangelista.


Starting Days

Blanca Evangelista, after being fired from her previous workplace for attending a protest, sought out a new place to build her own business. Arranging a meeting with the owner of the empty slot Frederica Norman, Blanca managed to present well and managed to obtain rent for the building for three months, only paying in dollar bills. Days after the agreement, Jonas Norman visited the building, informing and pressuring Blanca that she needed to leave the premises. Despite the visit, she continued to fix the interior to her appeal, being confronted by Frederica, who threatened to bring further legal actions against her and possible violence from the local mafia.

Officially opening a day later, Blanca treats her first customer to a manicure.[1]

A Visit and a Protest

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During a summer night, Frederica Norman entered the property, pouring flammable fluids throughout the interior and set the building ablaze before fleeing. The following morning, she met with Blanca Evangelista and firefighters, taunting her about the fire.

After a thorough investigation from the local authorities, including the testimony of a witness, Frederica was arrested and charged on May 1991 for the arson of Vogue Nails.[3]